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In Newton, N.J., 281 bears have been killed during a two-day extended bear hunt, as reported by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on Tuesday night.

The two-day total is 50 percent more than the number of bears killed during the entire 2015 hunting season, in which a total of 510 bears were harvested.

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The DEP announced that during the newly added hunting season, which takes place from Oct. 10 to Oct. 15, hunters would be restricted to archery during the first three days. On the final three days, hunters may use rifles.

The 2016 bear hunt in New Jersey marks the first time in decades that hunters in the state are permitted to kill bears using bows and arrows. The first bear killed on Monday was a 104-pound female in Sussex County.

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“Allowing bears to be hunted with bows and arrows has even greater potential than firearms to inflict painful, gruesome injuries and slow, agonizing deaths,” Jennifer Place, a program associate for Born Free USA, told The Dodo. “At the start of this black bear hunting season, more than 200 bears were killed in just one day using this brutal method, and that’s not accounting for any wounded bears that weren’t ultimately found by the hunter. Severely wounded bears could suffer for days or even weeks before dying.”

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