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April Fool’s Day came a few days late for an Arizona police department who claimed to have enlisted the help of a drug-sniffing lizard. According to their Facebook page, Iroh the bearded dragon was named an officer last Thursday with a ceremony led by Avondale Police Chief Dale Nannenga.

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The police even fooled a local television station that reported that the lizard is a bonafide member of the force. However, Rare spoke to the Avondale Police Department and they confirmed that Iroh the lizard is not a member of the Avondale Police Department and that the stunt was a prank done to promote their Facebook page. And if their prank was only a social media stunt, they were certainly successful, the picture of Iroh being sworn in has been shared over 260 times.

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No news has been released on if the bearded dragon actually can sniff drugs or how the Avondale Police Department trained their dragon.

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