The python is a dominant figure on the food chain. We see an alligator, they see a cheeseburger with no hope of surviving a voracious appetite. How does a python eat an alligator? One bite at a time? No, pythons are non-venomous snakes who kill their prey by coiling their bodies around them leading to asphyxiation. And the gator doesn’t just sit around and take it.  The movements of the gator as it is being eaten alive can really take a toll on the snake too.

The population of Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades has exploded in recent years, and apparently this kind of thing is happening more and more frequently.  Burmese pythons are now classified as an invasive species, sometimes out-competing other predators for resources.Researchers recently analyzed the digestive system contents of the 104 Burmese pythons  found a total of seven alligators plus another 50 mammals, including two deer, and 38 birds.  In fairness, occasionally an alligator eats a python, so there’s that.

It takes a while for the python to take in an entire gator, which goes in head first.  At the end of the meal, only the triangular tip of the tail is visible.  The python looks pretty happy when he’s finally done, licking his lips and thinking about his next yummy catch.


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