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Warning: This footage may be considered graphic for some audiences.

Near Pretoria, South Africa, animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson explains his approach to defeating lion trophy hunters.

The international YouTube sensation and founder of the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary earned his title of “The Lion Whisperer” many years ago. He lives up to that name by proudly protecting his own pride of lions and others across the world.

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Through contraceptive methods, Richardson prevents the female lions of his pride from reproducing, as cubs may fall victim to trophy hunting.

“We don’t want to breed ’cause we know that the only real market for surplus lions in this country at this point in time is the canned hunting industry,” Richardson said.

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Richardson carries his GoPro to record the contraceptive method; the lions are put to sleep and then given medication.

His methods are planned and executed with care and many years of experience in working with wild lions.

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