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At a local Zimbabwe hotel, one couple experienced a vacation they’d never forget.

While taking a dip in the hotel pool late at night, a juvenile Nile crocodile attacked the couple, who were somewhat close to the edge.

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In the footage captured by YouTuber Zimboo88, the man is seen jumping out of the water and leaving his female companion behind. The crocodile managed to attack the woman and bite her arm.

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Wrote Zimboo88:

This drought is causing Lake Kariba water levels to drop dangerously low and the natural ecosystem is being hugely affected, many fish are also being netted due to lack of governance and funding – in turn this is creating the crocodiles to search elsewhere for food and hence the tenacity of this particular juvinile Nile Croc! 

Thankfully, another man came to the woman’s aid to scare off the crocodile.

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