In this fascinatingly bizarre Viral Hog video, we see a young chap demonstrating his incredibly unique talent. Basically, he can talk to cows by burping.

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We’d love to know how he discovered that he had this odd ability to control cows with his bodily emissions. Perhaps he was taking a stroll in an empty field one day and let off a big burp, only to find himself surrounded by cows seconds later.

We hope this talent brings him good fortune. If he doesn’t make enough money from going viral, he can always get a job as a cowboy or a farmer.

Norman is a tall stand-up comedian from the mean streets of London, England. He has performed at several prestigious venues in his brief career, including (but not limited to) The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, The Capitol City Comedy Club in Austin, and a Hooters in St. Louis. His festival ...Read more
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