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At 9 years old, Boss, a Staffordshire Spaniel mix, was submitted to the Atlanta Humane Society. Boss was homeless after his family couldn’t take care of him anymore.

Two hundred and eighty-one days have gone by, and Boss is still searching for his forever family.

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But does this look like a face that’ll give up? No way.

“His name, Boss, fits, because when we walk around the neighborhood, people look at him with respect and admiration because of how dignified he looks,” Deborah Lareau, his foster mom, told The Dodo. “But really his name could be Cupcake […] He is sweetness dog-ified.”

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To adopt Boss this holiday, please visit the AHS at 981 Howell Mill Road in Atlanta, Ga.

Remember: other animals need a forever home, too. To see a list of those who’ve been at AHS for longer than three months, click here.

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