In this video — which was uploaded to the Entertainment and more YouTube channel — we see a pair of adorable brown bear cubs being rescued by a fishing boat on a lake. The video’s description claims that the event took place on Lake Vygozero in the Karelia region of Russia. Allegedly, the pair of wild bear cubs had recently been separated from their mother while attempting to cross the lake.

“The heart-warming film and pictures highlight how the frightened bears placed their total faith in the tourists in a boat,” the description continues, before adding that the cubs’ mother had “overestimated [the cubs] swimming abilities.”

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As you can see, both cubs are clearly struggling to stay afloat and would probably would have drowned if the valiant anglers not intervened. One bear seems to tire as it attempts to board the boat falters. At this moment, one of the fishermen uses a fishing net to give the critter a helping hand on board. The bears seem to be aware of the fact that the fishermen are there to help them, and they follow their lead as they’re dragged into the boat from the cold and unforgiving watery abyss that surrounds them.

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