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There is a dog problem in Los Angeles, and this is the story of one lucky dog that found a place to live, and the people who provided it.

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The video shows people from Hope For Paws finding a stray dog with a puppy, and then rescuing that dog and puppy and letting them grow together.

The video begins with the dog, Petunia, with fur matted, shying away from human contact, and shows the process of the people from Hope For Paws getting a leash around Petunia and realizing she was lactating, which meant there was a puppy around.

Then the people search for an hour and manage to find a puppy, which they named Petals. They try to find more, but it seems as though Petals is the only one.

What follows is a touching montage, where Lisa, one of the workers, takes Petunia and Petals home and lets them nest as Petals grows from a newborn dog into a young puppy that loves playing around the house with her mother.

If you’d like to support Hope For Paws, and donate money, or adopt Petunia or Petals, you can contact Hope For Paws on their website and see more dogs find homes.

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