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As a former soldier, Craig Morgan absolutely loves celebrating the Fourth of July, but he rarely gets to spend it with the ones he loves the most — his family. That’s because Craig is almost always booked to do a concert on Independence Day.

What makes it even more of a sacrifice for Craig is his extended family almost always hosts a big party to celebrate the Fourth.

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Craig tells Rare Country, “My family has had their family reunion on the Fourth of July since before I was born, and my dad had six brothers and every one of them had four kids. So, our family reunion is a huge ordeal. I’ve missed them for the last 10 years ’cause we are always working on the Fourth of July.”

Since he is away from his family playing shows every Independence Day, Craig makes sure to go the extra mile for his fans in the audience.

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He adds, “I love entertaining on that day, because that is a day that we celebrate the birth of our freedom and our nation.”

When he’s putting together his set list for those Fourth of July concerts, Craig usually adds a song he rarely sings anymore — his very first single, “Paradise.”

The song tells Craig’s story of leaving home in Tennessee at the age of 18 to go fight for our country overseas. We’d like to leave you with the chorus to that song:

“Once I was a soldier and not afraid to die/Now I’m a little older and not afraid to cry/Everyday I’m thankful just to be alive/When you’ve been where I’ve been any kind of life is paradise.”


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