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On Nov. 20, NASCAR history was made.

During a race that no racing fan will soon forget, Jimmy Johnson crossed the finish line to take his seventh NASCAR championship, tying the number of championships won by legends such as Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon and the late Dale Earnhardt.

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And that’s what got Dale Earnhardt Jr. sounding almost melancholy.

“Happy for ‪@JimmieJohnson,” Dale Jr. tweeted out before the celebration had even finished. “I wish dad was here to shake his hand. Woulda been awesome to see that.”

No, we are not tearing up.

Scratch that, yes we are.

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He expanded on that statement as he expressed his happiness to Jimmie shortly after the race.

“It is incredible what Jimmie’s been able to do in this sport in such a short period of time,” Dale Jr. told “That’s seven championships in 11 years. I think he’s one of the best drivers the sport has ever seen, maybe the best. He’s been in that conversation for many years and this really closes the book on any doubts that anybody had where he ranks. He’s in that discussion with my father and Richard [Petty], and I’m glad I was a witness to it.”

And somehow, we just feel that “The Intimidator” was there witnessing it also… from the best seat in the house.

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