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Miranda Lambert has lived a lot of life in the past year, and all the pain and heartbreak is now pouring out in a new song called “Scars.”

Miranda debuted the song Wednesday night during her show at City Winery in Nashville. She has actually known the song for 15 years since her longtime bandmate, Scotty Wray, wrote it. Until now, Miranda didn’t feel she could really convey the full emotion in the song’s lyrics.

“I was never damaged enough to sing a song called ‘Scars,'” Miranda told the audience before her performance. “It’s something you have to sell and really feel and really live and go through shit to basically execute a song like that. Every time he sings I’ve cried for the last 15 years. So, I’m gonna try to sing it tonight and hopefully put it on a record some day.”

The song’s lyrics talk about being open and honest about all the scars you’ve earned over time after facing heartbreak. One standout line says, “I’ve lived enough to know not to hide them anymore.”

Here’s hoping Miranda puts it out on her upcoming studio album. We’re expecting word about new music from that project very soon.

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