Joey Feek was not one to boast, be loud or brag about her stardom or her talents or the way she chose to live her life.

Instead, she did it the old fashioned way. She let her actions speak for themselves.

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Luckily, she also used her music to declare her feelings for life and love, beautifully exemplified in one of Joey+Rory’s biggest hits and yet another example of a musical catalog that propelled the country duo to receive a nomination for “Duo/Group of the Year” in the inaugural Rare Country Awards.

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“We were just newly married (when we wrote this song,) so we were, of course, just getting to know each others’ things that are really important to us,” Joey said in a 2010 interview. “I was raised in Indiana on a farm with my parents. As we got married, we had girls right away. Just seeing the life I had as a kid and the way that we wanted to raise our girls in terms of just getting out of debt, being good examples for our girls, going outside and enjoying life, playing, and enjoying the simple things and turning off the TV. It was literally just a list of all these ideas of things that were important to me growing up as a kid. We wanted to pass those down to our girls and pass those on to other people, because I know there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same way.”

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