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When does Reba sleep, y’all? While most of us are just now recovering from Thanksgiving, the icon has been living it up and working hard.

Let’s actually take it back several weeks.

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She caught up with old classmates at her mama’s birthday party a few weeks ago then shortly after that, she took in Adele in concert with her pals. Just like everyone else who ventured out to one of Adele’s shows, she was in complete awe of the British superstar.

Then she and her friends had dinner with some more friends — you might know former President Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush.

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Reba’s got friends in high places, but then again, Reba is that friend in a high place, too.

But, it hasn’t been all play and no work for our favorite redhead. Her new holiday album “My Kind of Christmas” just hit shelves at Cracker Barrel, and she is out pounding the pavement to promote it.

That’s how you do it, y’all.

She stopped by to visit her pals at “The Talk,” where she co-hosted and performed a song from the album and pretty much reaffirmed our belief that she can in fact do everything.

Oh and Reba’s got your back if you’re looking for stocking stuffers for the beauty lover in your life. Her Reba beauty blush just made its debut on her website, along with the cutest video with her makeup artist Brett Freedman.

Seriously, Reba can we just hang out sometime? You are serious life goals.

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