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In an exclusive Rare event on Thursday night, New York Times bestselling author and renowned political commentator Pat Buchanan asserted that the midterm elections prove that the American people are “no longer enamored with the idea that government can accomplish anything.”

Joined by Rare’s Jack Hunter, Buchanan took the notion that Republican domination in the Senate represents Americans’ disenchantment with President Obama a step further by charging that liberalism has dramatically shifted in the eyes of the public from an ideology of compassion to one of incompetence.

Despite this, Buchanan by no means views the midterms as a complete win for Republicans.

“The Republican Party is less popular now than the Democratic Party,” he said.

However, he stressed that Republicans need to work together to combat Obama’s power-of-the-pen mentality.

While touching on the impressive crop of young conservatives born out of the midterms such as North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner, and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, Buchanan also addressed the “libertarian strain” among Millennials, who are increasingly espousing the opinion that America “doesn’t appear to be a can-do country.”

This butting of heads between libertarians and the conservative establishment centers on foreign policy. To Buchanan, the hawkishness of neoconservatives, such as that of newly elected Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, is “not an enduring concept” and he warned against this foreign policy approach.

“The terrorists are over here, because we are over there…terrorism is the price of empire,” Buchanan said.

After touching on immigration and the dangers of police militarization, Buchanan reiterated the need for coalition building between the parties, similar to that between Senators Rand Paul and Cory Booker.

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