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Texas Senator Ted Cruz went all night long last night….talking on the Senate floor that is.

While he stayed up all night talking about green eggs and ham and Ashton Kutcher, we were able to come with more future Senate filibuster hashtags.

You’re welcome.


For Sen. Angus King’s international dispute with the Mongols



For Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s demand for bar table dancing everywhere



For when Marco Rubio wants steak for every meal



Something about unnecessary spending in the Senate cafeteria bakery

Tom Coburn/ AP Photo
Tom Coburn/ AP Photo


Sen. Hoeven probably wants to make “Stairway to Heaven” a song played at every high school prom ever

Sen. Hoeven/Twitter
Sen. Hoeven/Twitter


Harry Reid does want new taxes

Harry Reid


Massachusetts’s Ed Markey is just lucky he’s in the Senate


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