Even the most cursory fan of comedy has probably heard of Dave Chappelle and can appreciate his brilliance. He long ago solidified himself as an iconic stand-up talent, left a lasting impression with “Chappelle’s Show” and just recently killed it as the host of “Saturday Night Live.”

But back in 1993, when he was just 19 years old, pretty much the only person who knew about Dave Chappelle’s comedic talents was Dave Chappelle himself. That all changed when he got his break on “Star Search.”

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Chappelle, who was the youngest comedian to perform on the televised talent show, was good for two more performances on the show before getting eliminated.

Following the recent news the Netflix would be releasing three new Chappelle stand-up specials to the tune of $30 million, we bet “Star Search” wishes they had kept him around for longer!

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A 19-year-old Dave Chappelle proved he was a star in the making with these breakout “Star Search” performances YouTube Screenshot

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