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Apparently, cyanide isn’t technically as dangerous as one might think.

In a video from Cody’s Lab, the host measures out a small amount of sodium cyanide and explores the history of the chemical’s usage in mining and torture, while taking his .016 grams of cyanide and mixing it into a glass of water.

“Just enough to smell the fact that it does smell a bit like roasted almonds,” he says. He then drinks the cyanide, with an added annotation saying the cyanide tastes like baking soda.

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Cody then goes on to prove that he drank cyanide by adding ferrous sulfate to the cyanide to make Prussian Blue. He then adds lemon juice to make the reaction more potent.

He then describes the effects of low doses of cyanide, which in small portions causes tremors and shortness of breath, as the chemical inhibits the blood’s ability to absorb oxygen.

“A lethal dose for someone my size is about 300 milligrams, and I drank about 5,” says Cody, as he examines his symptoms.

Cody then measures out what would be a lethal dosage and compares what he ate to the lethal dose.

He then describes the liver’s ability to break down cyanide and says that through seeds and nuts, the body naturally breaks down cyanide. He says that if you eat a tiny bit of cyanide, you’ll probably be fine.

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