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Donald Trump loves his Twitter account. He uses it to respond to many of the most pressing issues of the day.  He also uses it to let off steam and push back against his detractors.

While some people love his off-the-cuff style, many people, even his supporters, cringe at some of his tweets.

Well, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if Trump’s Twitter account weren’t so Trumpesque, we now have the answer for you – sort of.

One person decided to reimagine Donald Trump’s Twitter account as one that was more “mature” or “presidential” and created the @PresidentialTrump Twitter account.

The account’s description reads “Alternative parody account of how a mature, more presidential Trump should tweet.”

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The parody account’s administrator takes Trump’s actual tweets and translates them into messages they consider more fitting of a president-elect.

Here are just a few of its most recent tweets:

What do you think? Do you wish this was Trump’s actual Twitter account, or do you love his never boring real one?

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