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Guy Goma was just a computer technician looking for a job at the BBC when he came in for an interview. To his surprise, he ended up giving an opinion on live TV about the future of the music industry after a then-recent court decision. Talk about a trial by fire!

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As it turns out, the man BBC news had intended to interview was named Guy Kewney, an editor of a tech website. Somene in reception mixed the two men up and put Goma on the hot seat. Kewney’s opinion on the future of online music in the digital age might have been somewhat more nuanced than Goma’s, but to his immense credit, Goma kept a relatively cool head and answered the anchor’s questions. And he wasn’t wrong about the future of music in the age of the internet.

Well done, Guy Goma. We all wish we could improvise as well as you.

(H/t Reddit)