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This dude has some seriously durable underwear.

reddit user jack_edition

After what was surely a night of heavy boozing, this guy decided (or, more likely, his drunk and mischievous friends decided for him) that he’d sleep off the drink beneath the stars. With this image provided by jack_edition, reddit’s Phtoshop Battles subreddit got to work, and the results sure are something. Check out our favorites below.

Reddit user GUANTATDT
Reddit user SmileyFace-_-

Reddit user artunitinc

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Reddit user rahul8waggarhal
Reddit user artunitinc
Reddit user tutydis
Reddit user psy_lent, courtesy of their coworker
Reddit user hanky1979
Reddit user illuminatipr
Reddit user illuminatipr
Reddit user BrotherSeamus

Click through to the thread to see the rest of the fun.

(H/t Cheezburger)