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On Monday morning, Time magazine Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs officially presented the top ten finalists for Time’s 2013 Person of the Year on the Today Show.

Just in time for Wednesday’s announcement of the honor, we’ve provided a look at this year’s contenders to get you all caught up.

You’re welcome.

Bashar Assad

Who he is: President of Syria

What he’s done: Gave Buzzfeed an excuse to make more lists involving dictators’ mustaches

Jeff Bezos


Who he is: Founder of Amazon

What he’s done: Made drones more popular than President Obama ever could

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Who he is: Texas Senator

What he’s done: Made your liberal grandmother way too comfortable using the term “tea bagger”

Miley Cyrus

Who she is: Singer

What she’s done: Twerked into the hearts of impressionable teens everywhere

Pope Francis

Who he is: Leader of the Catholic Church

What he’s done: Made it socially acceptable for people to put “Pope” and “badass” in the same sentence

Barack Obama

Who he is: President of the United States

What he’s done: We’re not really sure

Hassan Rouhani

Who he is: President of Iran

What he’s done: Messed up John Kerry’s sleep schedule

Kathleen Sebelius

Who she is: Secretary of Health and Human Services

What she’s done: Made you appreciate that weird cousin of yours who works at Geek Squad

Edward Snowden

Who he is: NSA leaker

What he’s done: Got people to finally start reading The Guardian

Edith Windsor

Who she is: Gay rights activist

What she’s done: Became the last living person on Earth with the name Edith

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