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As the election season reaches its final, feverish stretch, one thing everyone seems to agree on is the importance of getting to the polls and voting. Following the leads of Katy Perry and other celebrities, Alec Baldwin is the latest famous face to release a voting PSA. Acknowledging his reputation as a vocal and opinionated person, to say the least, Baldwin comes out to endorse a dark horse candidate for president: Charlie Brown.

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We might all wish that a candidate as wholesome and as old Charlie Brown was in the race for the White House, but unfortunately that’s not the case. (The it seems worth noting that most thing’s Charlie tries to do seem to end in failure, which isn’t exactly what you want out in a president.) While the candidates aren’t perfect, Baldwin stresses the importance of registering to vote, so you can get out on Nov. 8 and exercise your rights.

Apparently Snoopy will also be on the ballot, which is surprising, as we thought he’d be Charlie’s VP.

(H/t Uproxx)