“What are people saying about my cabinet appointments, do they love them?”

This was Alec Baldwin’s first line on “Saturday Night Live” since his “character” of Donald J. Trump was elected to be the next President of the United States. Kate McKinnon, once his foil as Hillary Clinton, and now Trumpland’s keeper of the ring or something, Kellyanne Conway, replied that one tweet said the appointments were great for “our nation and the future of our children.” Who sent that one? Just David Duke.

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Trump goes on to thank Conway, because without her he never would have been elected. “I think about that every day,” Conway says, defeatedly.

From there, the whole thing becomes a comedy of errors. During his first meeting of the day, a General tells Trump how excited he is about his supposed “secret plan” to defeat ISIS, a fight in its sixth year, Trump’s reminded. That secret plan starts with a simple Google search, “what is ISIS?” When there are to many results, the next leader of the free world asks “Siri, ‘How do I kill ISIS?’” Unfortunately, his Blackberry can’t ask Siri anything.

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At one point, Trump reverts to meditation as a sanctuary from the overwhelming situation. His mantra? “Big beautiful boobs and buildings.” Not hard to imagine that echoing through the West Wing for the next four years.

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