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Alec Baldwin’s all-too-real version of Donald Trump did make one good point in this opening sketch from last night’s “SNL” — the only Bush who matters in this general election ended up being Billy.

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In the sketch, he also makes some other points about women, Ted Cruz and hot microphones, as one might have imagined going into last night’s episode. But all of those points end up going to his opponent, Hillary Clinton, who’s holding a staff meeting at her campaign headquarters to discuss the latest gaffe coming out of Trump Tower. On the day’s agenda? Make it rain. Kate McKinnon portrays the Democratic nominee in full prep mode, chugging champagne like she just pitched the Cubs to the World Series, though it’s a sad day “for all women… minus one.”

Hillary then has a message for the women that are still supporting Trump, even after hearing the leaked audio from Bushgate: “My babies. You’re brain broke.” Though we haven’t heard the last from Mr. Brain Broke himself, whose mic is still live and describing the next thing he wants to grab.

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And to think, this sketch started as a “replay” of the vice presidential debate. As goes the Trumpstorm, so goes the “SNL” writers room.

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