YouTube channel WatchCut creates videos of American kids trying new and different cuisines from around the world and films their reactions.

For their newest video, they recorded children drinking coffee from around the world and captured the kids’ reactions, which are laugh out loud funny.

First, they tried an iced coffee drink called mazagran from Portugal that came complete with a lemon slice on the side. The kids’ yuck reactions were pretty much the same across the board.

Next, they tried a more traditional coffee drink, café au lait, but the kids still weren’t impressed.

One little girl said she liked coffee but not this type of coffee. When asked what type of coffee she liked, she replied, “Starbucks.”

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Next, they tried a green coffee concoction called matcha cappucino, which one child said it was the taste of “crazy adults.” Another child quipped that “green does not go with drinks.”

Then the kids try tried Turkish coffee, which had the kids gagging and exclaiming, “I don’t like it.”

After that, the kids were handed espresso and soda water, which, once again, got negative reactions from the kids.

Finally, the kids were handed a pretty looking eiskaffee in a stemmed glass, covered in whipped cream. All of the children perked up at this drink, but once they actually dipped below the whipped cream, their reactions began to change. However, a couple of them actually did end up enjoying the drink.

We’re not sure who came up with the idea of having a bunch of kids drink highly caffeinated beverages, but nonetheless, their reactions are pretty hysterical.

Elizabeth Vale is a contributor for Rare.
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