Like a silver-haired deer in the headlights, Anderson Cooper was not ready for this edition of “The RidicuList” on his CNN show, “Anderson Cooper 360.” Not having read the script for the segment before going on-air, Cooper was forced to sit through a brutal and thorough grilling by his co-workers on the subject of his gross, basil-scented candle.

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To start off, Cooper said he only bought the candle to cover up the complaints he was receiving over the scent of his unwashed jeans. Bro. Guy. Haven’t you heard of the smell test? If your pants fail other people’s smell tests, it’s time to give them a wash.

Perhaps this stank camouflage could be forgiven if Cooper had chosen a nice-smelling candle, but apparently he only made the problem worse. Cooper was then forced to read a laundry (heh) list of snarky comparisons to the miasma his candle produced, the best of which were likely “Woodstock vomit” and “Mario Batali’s Crocs.”

“Until this show is renamed ‘Anti-Candle 360,’ I will do whatever I want to try to create a serene friggin’ office environment for my co-workers and myself to enjoy,” Cooper responded.

You go right ahead, Anderson. Just be prepared to get cooked again.

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