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Admit it: you love junk food.

Whether it’s Oreo cookies or potato chips, pretty much everyone has one food that they eat even though they know it is “bad” for them.

For Jim Gaffigan, that food is McDonald’s. He can’t get enough! In this hilarious stand-up routine, Gaffigan pokes fun at the way people act in a McDonald’s and the fact that even though there are studies and documentaries about the lack of nutrition in the food, people still want to it eat it.

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“There’s a McDonald’s denial,” he said. “We all embrace it. No one is going in there innocent.”

Gaffigan made everyone’s mouth water when he started talking about the fries at McDonald’s.

“The fries are amazing,” he said. “For like, seven minutes, and then they become something non-biodegradable.”

Gaffigan is particularly fond of the deals McDonald’s has to offer in their commercials, but he admits he would really like to see a commercial featuring people suffering from belly aches after eating the food.

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And, of course, there are the people who actually don’t eat McDonald’s, but Gaffigan brings them down a bit when he says that reading US Weekly and watching “Glee” should be considered “the McDonald’s of the soul.”

But without McDonald’s, Gaffigan points out that we would never know that St. Patrick’s Day was approaching or that breakfast ends at 10 a.m.

Don’t listen to the haters. McDonald’s has done a lot for us. Plus, their fries are the BEST!

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