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The pick-up line, while not always the ideal way to spit game at a bar or party, is great for loosening things up a bit. But tiresome lines like “are you from Nashville? ‘cuz you’re the only ten I see” can become a major turn-off to anyone who’s been around the block once or twice.

Thankfully, drawing from this year’s most newsworthy people and events, we’ve created a fresh batch of pick-up lines that you can use the next time you go out looking to score. Just don’t be surprised if you get slapped across the face the first few times. Some people just can’t take a joke.

Rob Ford

Hey girl, you can call me Rob Ford because I’d sure like to take a crack at you in a drunken stupor.

IRS Scandal

I may not have any revenue, but I’d still be down to service you internally.


I really care about you, babe, but if I crash tonight there’s no fixing it.

Government shutdown

I’d ask you to take a cruise, but you’d probably just shut me down.

George Zimmerman

If you ever approached me in the ‘hood, I’d stand my ground.

Miley Cyrus

Hi, my name’s Cyrus, and I’ve been twerking all night to get you to come home with me.

NSA scandal

You should come back to my place. But if we get snowed in, would you let me tap you?

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