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Presenting awards isn’t as easy at it looks, especially for British reality TV star Gemma Collins, who was recently presenting an award at the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards when she got a bit too excited and fell of the stage.

Everything was going so well. Collins was clearly honored to be presenting such a prestigious award, but she just couldn’t control her excitement. She yells out the winners and then starts twirling around while letting the roars of the audience wash over her — but she twirled in the wrong direction and lost a battle with gravity, with Ariana Grande’s “Into You” playing over the chaos.

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Luckily, Collins escaped unharmed. Like some sort of award-presenting machine, she got straight back on her feet, quickly regained some of her composure and yelled into the microphone “Oh my God, I am so sorry … this is live, this is what happens.”

Some Twitter users had an absolute field day with footage of the fall, and it didn’t take long for the gifs and mash-up video to appear.

She may not have been graceful on the stage, but in the aftermath, Collins saw the funny side and took the whole ordeal in her clumsy stride with a hilarious Instagram post and a few tweets.


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