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We all know the flowery department store TV commercial: a variety of men and women standing on a stage with a camera moving around them and usually some kind of enticing, maybe encouraging, message. “Beautiful. Strong. Gorgeous at any size,” begins the voice-over. What store could be behind this bold advertising campaign?

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CHONK, that’s who. “We know not every woman’s a runway model,” the voice returns. But every time she says CHONK, it sounds like a garbage truck’s backed up exhaust letting loose. “You’re a queen, a goddess. You’re CHONK.” The actors, all women, finally begin reacting to being referred to as CHONK. Aidy Bryant’s character has finally had enough when the store’s young girls section, lil’ CHONK, begins advertising to her daughter.

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And what does it say when we visit CHONK’s menswear sister-store, Normal Clothes, to find Bobby Moynihan and Pete Davidson happily leaving with properly-fitting flannels? Point taken, ladies. Point taken.

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