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Matt Foley, a character created by the late Chris Farley, is a “Saturday Night Live” icon. The character was a fat motivational speaker, who lived “down by the river.” Foley had a huge presence, a distinct voice and used his physicality to get some hearty laughs. Foley was probably the most popular sketch of Farley’s career.

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Most know the original sketch, where Foley gives a lecture on drugs to Phil Hartman’s fake-children. In this sketch, Hartman’s kids, Melanie Hutsell, David Spade, and Christian Slater are brought before Matt Foley because they egged their neighbors’ house on Halloween.

“I am thirty-five years old, I am thrice divorced, and I live in a van down by the river.”

As with all Matt Foley sketches, it featured Farley overreacting to the antics of the kids and delivering his catchphrases, all while the almost acrobatic bulk of Farley bounds around the room and screams into the actors’ faces as they try not to laugh.

“Once there was a boy who liked to throw things, he started out throwing eggs, then he threw the big game, then he threw back a shot of whiskey, then he threw up, then he got thrown out of the house, and then he moved into a van down by the river!” Farley screams as he shares a spooky Halloween story.

As Farley throws people around the set and breaks the furniture, stomps out a flaming bag of dog doo and falls out a window, he shows you exactly what made Matt Foley an “SNL” classic.

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