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Céline Dion’s anthem “My Heart Will Go On,” made famous by the film “Titanic,” is a romantic jam that everyone has heard before. While we would never suggest that Dion’s rendition has gotten stale (sacrilege!), it’s sometimes good to shake things up with a cover. For Valentine season, take a gander at Matt Mulholland’s hilarious version of “My Heart Will Go On,” which he played on recorder.   

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He used the original song’s backing track, with the recorder taking the place of Dion’s vocals, and the results are delightful. He doesn’t hit every note (probably on purpose), creating a goofy, off-kilter love song that will leave you giggling. On top of that, the visuals, incorporating candlelight, Mulholland’s hair blowing in the wind and a warm video lens, are a riot.

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