Target’s got it all: turkeys, plates, PlayStation games, and a big parking lot to act as sanctuary from the craziness that is family during the holidays. Maybe it’s our years of experience as bored suburbanites with time to kill, but this bit from “Saturday Night Live” hit a little close to home for the holidays.

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“Target’s parking lot is the perfect place to stare out, bang your head on your steering wheel, or text a friend, ‘I honestly can’t with them today,’” the voiceover says. And that’s not even counting everything there is inside the store.

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“You can wander our clothes aisle and say, “Oh yeah, Mossimo.’” Cecily Strong plays it perfectly, aimlessly looking through the racks, sitting on the floor in the women’s underwear section, and laying down in the toy department. “Here’s a tip: check out the Play-Doh, open the blue one, and surprise — we hid a flask in there for you!” Bottoms up.

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