Comedian Colin Quinn went on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to promote his new special on Netflix, “The New York Store,” and while he was there the topic of Donald Trump’s presidential cabinet picks came up.

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Quinn had some criticisms for the snubbing of some of Donald Trump’s loyalist supporters in the cabinet picks, citing Scott Baio not being secretary of state as snubbing someone loyal.

“He was in show business, and he supported Trump,” said Quinn. “That’s not a joke, that’s serious, he’s putting himself out there whether you like it or not.”

Quinn then put forward Billy Bush as worthy for a position, and host Stephen Colbert added that he might be worthy of a Secretary of Transportation nomination.

He then said that Anthony Weiner and Julian Assange should get positions in the new cabinet for all the help they gave Donald Trump in the election and that everyone who pitched in to help elect Trump should get a position.

He also suggested that the people calling all Trump supporters racist should get a spot in the cabinet.

It’s an interesting suggestion but let’s not call anyone out until they’ve been vetted for the job.

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