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In every group of friends, male or female, there is always that one person who believes everyone is flirting with him or her. This person is usually incapable of shutting up about it and may be a little bit delusional.

CollegeHumor uploaded a hilarious video to YouTube on March 11, 2017 that perfectly satirizes the conversations you’ve likely been privy to because of this attention-seeking person in your squad. In the case of this video, the culprit is Katie. A young woman with long strawberry blonde hair and big glasses.

Katie is at a restaurant with her three male friends. It all begins when the waiter takes their orders and compliments Katie on her “adventurous” order with a big smile. Katie becomes convinced he was “really hitting on her” despite her friends’ insistence that waiters are generally friendly and it isn’t anything to overthink. From there, Katie’s imagination continues to spiral as she turns every statement and compliment into a flirtatious advance!

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Not even keeping Katie out of the conversation stops her from interpreting everything as flirtation. When the boys begin to talk about plans they have that don’t include her, Katie interrupts them with gusto, saying, “You flirty little assholes. You’re ignoring me so that I want you more. It’s clever but it’s not gonna work.”

Just when things couldn’t get any weirder, one of the boys starts to smell something awful at the table. That’s when they realize Katie has crapped her pants. Not even this grotesque act or the appropriately horrified reactions were enough to deter Katie from her “everyone is flirting with me” mentality. As soon as she fesses up to what she’s done, she stands up and shakes her butt in the boys’ faces — because obviously her crapping her pants was all a ploy by the boys’ to see her “little butt.”

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