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After an almost 20-year hiatus from the spotlight, Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress Gennifer Flowers sat down with Daily Mail to catch us up on things we have just been dying to know for years now (but not really).

Some nuggets from the interview included:

  • Flowers’s assertion that she still would’ve been with the former president if it weren’t for his daughter Chelsea.
  • She also said that Bill was the influence behind her career as a sex columnist and that “he taught her a lot.”
  • Ms. Flowers even referred to herself as the “Madonna of her time,” even though Madonna was her time.

But what was possibly the most shocking revelation of the interview was Flowers’ claim that the former president told her that Hillary swings both ways. But then again, is it really that shocking? While you mull it over, here are some pictures of Hillary Clinton in pant suits. Enjoy.

Hillary is really channeling her inner Skittle in this one.

You’ll only catch Hillary slacking off when she’s wearing a nice pair of slacks.

“Hi, I’m Hillary, and I’m here to party.”

Here Hillary is sporting the signature Oreo look.

She’s got 99 problems but a pantsuit ain’t one.

Easy now, Michelle. You can’t rock a pant suit quite like Hillary.

She running the pantsuit game.

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