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In his time as a late night TV host, Conan O’Brien has always gotten a laugh out of the questionable “special effects” his shows have employed. When you’re running a talk show, you just don’t really have a budget for effects professionals, which was made very clear in this sketch that got cut from “Conan” before it aired.

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The kingdom of Westeros is looking for its next king, and according to a raven (obviously attached to puppet strings) that arrives for Andy Richter, he has a legitimate claim to the throne. Successive ravens muddy the waters a bit, though, as Andy must apparently wire a pile of gold coins to a suspicious address in order to claim the throne. Conan convinces Andy that the offer is a scam, and so Andy does not depart for Westeros to become king.

As it turns out, the offer was legitimate, but given how low-budget this edition of Westeros looks, it’s probably better that Andy didn’t go.

(H/t Uproxx)