Have you ever faced off with a school bully?

Keegan-Michael Key knows what that feels like when school bully Jordan Peele targets him outside of class.

But there is more to this interaction than meets the eye.

“Why you gotta bother me, man?” asks Key, making Peele come to terms with the source of his mean-spirited attitude.

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“If you understand yourself so well, then maybe you should try working on changing it,” Key says.

“Of course I want to change it!” Peele shouts. “But it’s the only defense mechanism I have against deeper, more terrifying problems buried inside of me!”

Just at that moment, Peele’s abusive father, played by “The Wire” actor Andre Royo, pulls up to the school. With his own similar self-aware monologue, it’s safe to say that the entire family needs to seek some counseling.

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