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Most of us are so embarrassed about our parents’ taste in music that we ignore the songs they play in the car, the requests they make at parties, and — most certainly — the efforts they make to create original tunes.

Not this guy!

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Twitter user @barkmuan uploaded a video to his account on Monday, January 2, 2017 that showed footage of his dad sitting on the couch and playing back what he had come up with on a beatmaker app. For those of you who are unfamiliar with such apps, beatmaker apps let a user easily create drum beats on a mobile phone or tablet. Basically, they can help anyone with a device become an instant producer (at a very amateur level, of course).

@barkmuan captioned the video, “My dad’s been using a beatmaker app all week and I came home to this.” Rocking back and forth softly in his seat, the dad proudly plays back what he’s been concocting all week. It turns out dad has a good ear for a sick beat!

Twitter users couldn’t get enough of the video, retweeting it more than 61,000 times. People were also quick to give this cool dad kudos for his work and point out that he’s probably better than a lot of high-paid EDM producers out there.

Other Twitter users, however, pointed out that this sounds an awful lot like a preset beat.

Innocent until proven guilty, we say! Let us all hope that this is the beginning of a new genre: dadstep.

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