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Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has become infamous for its leader’s disregard for decorum and tendency to take on a rough tone with his opponents. When reacting to the latest Trump rhetorical firebomb, it can be easy to forget the impact his actual tone of voice has on his messaging. Trump sports a classic New Yorker drawl, famously dispensing with “H” sounds at the beginnings of words and always coming off as brash and bold. Trump’s accent is essential to the populist image he seeks to project, even as he frequently references his incredible wealth. With all that in mind, what if Trump ditched the New York accent in favor of something more aristocratic?

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YouTube user Peter Serafinowicz took the time to dub over a brief portion of one of Trump’s interviews, in which he decries Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State as disastrous. If you thought Trump couldn’t pack more sneering condescension into his words, just wait until you hear him with a British accent, enumerating his issues with Clinton’s foreign policy.

However, this accent does not make Trump sound more presidential. No Brits allowed, after all.