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“It’s as frustrating as if you lived in a world of starving people, where occasionally you could point out food that no one else seemed to notice.”

Doug Stanhope is a very funny man and has worked since 1998 trying to point out the humor in a world that sometimes isn’t very funny. In this bit, Stanhope tries to share why he has stopped caring about trying to make his humor topical.

He says that it’s like living with starving people and pointing out food, and then watching people agree that the food exists and proceed to waste it as entertainment by showing it up their noses instead of eating it for nutrients.

He then goes on tirades, showing the hypocrisy of the populace by talking about how his friends agree with him on his ideas while still not actually acting according with those concepts, using himself as a prop.

“You know, what you said about gay marriage was right on the money,” says Stanhope as his hypothetical friend. “Marriage itself is an antiquated institution […] I’m still getting married on Saturday though,” he says, pouring beer into his eye. He then uses his hypothetical friend to talk about overpopulation and drugs, all while pouring some beer on himself in his ear or in his nose.

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“Why am I so f*****g  thirsty all the time?” he asks as he purposefully avoids his mouth.

Stanhope uses the beer as a tool to demonstrate that he sees this sort of hypocrisy as taking his observations as light entertainment instead of as a real commentary on the world, and how he has stopped caring because of it.

“I just don’t give a s**t anymore. That’s what I do for a living.”