Bread and butter, cheese and wine, Abbott and Costello — some things just work perfectly together. But what about heavy metal and funk? You’ve probably never even considered that those two genres could compliment each other so perfectly, but shockingly, they do — as this DJ Cummerbund video demonstrates.

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DJ Cummerbund has decided to blow people’s fragile minds by mashing up Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” and Earth, Wind, & Fire’s “September.” Both musical acts are groundbreaking and hugely influential, but their music styles are entirely different, so it’s amazing that this mash-up works as well as it does.

We experienced so many emotions during the song’s three-minute and thirty-second duration. We gasped, we laughed and we danced! DJ Cummerbund deserves a lot of credit for the excellent musical composition skills. He must’ve spent untold hours changing tempos, matching beats and tweaking vocal tracks to perfect this concoction. He’s created a work of art and we really hope it gets the love it deserves.

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