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What item at Taco Bell is worth all of this?

In a clip uploaded to YouTube, entitled “Race to Taco Bell Gone Horribly Wrong,” a man driving a sports car speedily through streets hits another vehicle.

Someone screams “Get out of the car!” when it hits the first vehicle, and in a reddit post, a hypothesis was put forward by user cqmqro76 on why the car was driving so erratically:

“The guy in the Firebird was driving with a busted ball joint or lower control arm and accidentally hit a Mazda hatchback head on in the the opposite lane of traffic when he lost control and crossed the center line. Then he tried to reverse and drive away but his car was struggling due to the damage to his front suspension. “

The video follows the car as it rockets down the street and loses control again, hitting a van and tearing off the rear bumper before rolling into a Taco Bell parking lot and settling there until the video cuts out.

Then again, it could just be a mad dash to the Taco Bell. They do have those Crunchwrap Supremes.

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