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The circus of the 2016 election has shown no signs of slowing down in its final brutal weeks. Despite multiple allegations of sexual assault, a refusal to release tax returns, and a slew of lewd comments, nothing seems to be enough to deter the Trump camp from believing their man is qualified to be president. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand? Stop that woman before her period gets us into a war.

Allana Harkin took to the streets to find out what Trump supporters think of Clinton’s qualifications leading up to this highly volatile election. The responses were comically horrendous.

“I don’t know what makes her think she’s worthy of the presidency just because she was married to an ex-president,” quips one short-haired blonde proudly donning a Donald Trump button on her sweater. One potential answer might be: they both began their careers after graduating from Yale law school.

“I would be worried about, um, hopefully us not going to war during her menstrual cycle when she gets emotional,” says a young man who can’t possibly be over the age of 35.

“No, cause honestly I’m about to get my period any minute and I wanna fucking rip your head off,” responds Harkin.

Mic drop.

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