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As instant messaging and dating apps have become ever more accessible, we’ve learned two things; firstly, swiping is fun; and secondly, most guys are actually asshats.

One boyfriend decided that it was a good idea to go on a dating app and try to woo a woman with the stupid-as-hell pick-up line “them titties nice tho” — R.I.P. chivalry. Of course, the girl that he was attempting to win over actually knew his girlfriend and their little tête-à-tête led to him being on the open market.

The woman who he was hitting on took a screenshot of the image and sent it to his girlfriend with the message “get your mans.” She responded, “he ain’t my man no more,” and thanked the other woman for the heads-up that her boyfriend was a real-life f***boy.


Later on, the new ex-boyfriend sent another message, this time writing “who the f**k are you the relationship police?” (minus the comma — asshats are also generally piss-poor at grammar).


Unfortunately, with these types of characters, it takes about a dozen ruined relationships before they figure out that their behavior is insensitive and pretty damn insulting. It kind of reminds us a little bit of this meme:

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