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There’s no doubt about it: Will Ferrell is a comedy genius. And to celebrate the illustrious career of this master craftsman, the good folks over at made this excellent video featuring what they believe are his top 10 funniest moments.

You don’t have to agree with every single entry to enjoy the video. There’s plenty of hysterical moments to keep everyone entertained. If you’re not a big fan of his “SNL” stuff, you might be an “Eastbound and Down” fan. Ferrell has done all there is to do in the world of comedy and then some.

It would be almost impossible for one video to include all of Ferrell’s greatest hits. He’s a machine who can’t be contained by the constraints of time. So just in case the video missed anything, here’s a different Ferrell compilation:

But let’s be real, his work on “Eastbound and Down” should be his magnum opus.

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