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These two pranksters sure have done some crazy things in pursuit of YouTube fame. In this Halloween prank from 2011, the Pranksters In Love, Nikki and John, have repurposed a Halloween decoration in order to give some hilarious scares.

John decides to take a Halloween scarecrow and wear it as an outfit while waiting for his partner in crime to come home and unwittingly spring his trap.

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“This is what you get for not picking up your Halloween decorations,” John says as he prepares his prank. It goes pretty typically for this type of prank, and John gets hit a few time as Nikki screams at his antics.

The video ends with John revealing himself, Nikki somehow not realizing that her boyfriend was the person in the costume scaring her and revealing that off camera their neighbors are laughing at them.

Living next to the Pranksters in Love must be a bit of a trip.

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