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How many red flags can one man possess?

This classic “MADtv” sketch centers around three coworkers eating lunch together in the break room. One is happily married. The other two are single — and desperate.

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So when one of the bachelorettes meets a cowboy at the airport, she thinks she’s finally found the one. Because of this, she’s willing to overlook some red flags, including:

  • He doesn’t have a job.

  • He’s already married.
  • He’s a compulsive gambler.
  • He binge drinks.
  • He just got out of jail.

To the married coworker’s horror, the other single woman finds plenty of reasons why all these flaws are perfectly OK. After all, when someone “looks just like that guy with long hair on ‘Lost,'” a woman can overlook a couple of his quirks, right?

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