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The United States are all about freedom, and one of the ways that principle is expressed is through democratic governance. People vote on representatives, hopefully ensuring that leaders govern in accordance with the wishes of the populace. In this clip from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the guys of the gang decide to approach the management of their pub in a more democratic fashion. Given that they’re not exactly statesmen, things don’t go so well.

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First off, while Mac and Charlie are firmly committed to calm and rational discussion, they’re used to expressing themselves via intense anger and personal threats, which aren’t exactly norms of debate. Fortunately, the always calm (disconcertingly so) Dennis is around to corral his two friends as they make their arguments to Frank, who currently runs the bar.

Unfortunately, all of the guys seem to have forgotten that there are four of them in the discussion, and they have no plans on how to address a tied vote. We’re sure they’ll resolve the matter in a calm and reasonable fashion.